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Asparagus - Anti-ageing

The asparagus season is on again -


and in this newsletter I would like to show you what this powerful stalk can do for you and that it can also provide valuable remedies against chronic complaints.


Today's world is characterised by a multitude of harmful strains that we cannot avoid and that are responsible for many disturbing symptoms. These strains, plus the multitude of harmful viruses, bacteria and parasites that disturb us humans, are the main cause of practically all chronic and serious illnesses (read my blog entry:


Asparagus, especially the green sorts help us to effectively counteract these burdens with their cleansing power.


What asparagus can do for us


  • A shaggy bush would grow from an asparagus shoot. This means that asparagus has a high growth power. It transmits this vigour to us. It keeps us young and supports our defence system and the healing of neurological disorders.


  • Asparagus strengthens the liver, kidneys, skin, ligaments and bones, and its chlorophyll content makes it an excellent haematopoietic agent.


  • Chlorophyll and the lutein in green asparagus have a cleansing effect on our organs. Many diseases arise because our liver is overloaded with toxins and fat (we often consume fat thoughtlessly and in far too high quantities). Often it is no longer able to do its job satisfactorily. It is very important to give the liver a helping hand every day.


  • Asparagus is also a defence against toxins. When toxins such as DDT, other pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals have been removed from the organs, specialised plant substances in the asparagus remain and prevent new toxins, which we absorb practically around the clock, from settling in again. This makes asparagus a miracle weapon against many types of cancer.


  • In many people today, the adrenal glands are overloaded. This can lead to many persistent symptoms.


Causes include, for example:

  1. High caffeine consumption (in addition to coffee, cocoa, matcha tea, energy drinks, black tea, etc. also contain caffeine).

  2. The adrenal glands have to supply replacement hormones for a weakened thyroid gland.

  3. The adrenal glands have to produce adrenaline instead of glucose for a weakened liver, which then weakens the liver itself, etc.


  • All this, plus other causes, lead to severe stress, which depletes important vitamin B supplies. Asparagus, with its high content of B vitamins and silicic acid, as well as minerals and trace elements such as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc, molybdenum, chromium and selenium, can counteract this and also help to restore the adrenal glands.


  • If someone often consumes dairy products, meat, cereal products, desserts, caffeinated products, sweet drinks, fat, etc., an acidic climate quickly develops in the body. This can very likely lead to a wide variety of illnesses. Asparagus removes excess acids from the body and thus ensures alkaline conditions. Ensuring alkaline conditions in the body is an important way of preventing illness.



  • Here is a partial list of diagnoses where it is worth putting more green asparagus on your plate: Acne, Lyme disease, breast cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, EBV infection, shingles, bone cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, migraines, MS, Parkinson's disease, thyroid cancer, dizziness, inability to conceive, celiac disease.


  • Of course, asparagus also helps against symptoms associated with these diagnoses.


  • With their power asparagus also help to build more self-confidence and take a well-visible place in the world.


Remarks and tips 

  • Thicker asparagus has a higher nutritional value than thinner asparagus. Green asparagus contains more nutrients than white asparagus, for example vitamin C, chlorophyll, various trace elements, etc.


  • Asparagus juice is particularly effective. Simply juice a few asparagus spears together with cucumber, for example.


  • Eating a bunch of asparagus every day for a month is a particularly good cleansing spring cure.


  • Today's diet, which is high in fat, dairy products and gluten, has a very unfavourable effect on the intestinal flora and prevents the intestinal villi from performing their essential task of absorbing important nutrients into the bloodstream. Asparagus also contains a lot of inulin and this prebiotic has an extremely positive effect on the intestinal flora, ensuring good absorption of nutrients. Inulin also inhibits the desire to eat, which helps with weight loss.


  • Of course organically grown asparagus is better. This means that it uses fewer harmful substances during cultivation and therefore contains fewer substances that are harmful to us, yet more healthy nutrients.


  • Conventional white asparagus is often grown under large mulch films, which pose an ecological problem.


Bad example


I used to love eating asparagus with hollandaise sauce and potatoes, brown butter sauce, fried egg and lots of grated parmesan. The reason why these combinations are more harmful than healthy is due to the

combination of carbohydrates and fat.

In any case, such combinations will almost certainly severely slow down the helpful services of asparagus.



Healthy preparation options


If any fatty dish is prepared with asparagus, carbohydrates are rather inappropriate. Of course, asparagus can also be eaten with potatoes or other carbohydrate-containing dishes, but then it would be better to avoid fat at the same time. This way, the full power of the asparagus is retained and your body is not burdened by the combination of fat and carbohydrates.


Asparagus soup

3-4 portions


Approx. 1kg green asparagus, 1 small onion, 2 cloves of garlic - bring to the boil in water and simmer gently for 5-7 minutes, then drain off the water.


Puree the vegetables plus a little sea salt, ½ tsp poultry spice, 1 tbsp olive oil, approx. 120g almonds in a blender to a smooth soup, serve and add black pepper to taste.


Rocket, potato and asparagus salad

3-4 portions


4-6 potatoes (diced), ½ kg Brussels sprouts (halved), ½ kg green asparagus (cut into small pieces) - steam everything until al dente.

1 sweet onion (thinly sliced), ½ bunch roughly chopped fresh parsley, ½ bunch roughly chopped fresh basil leaves, 1 teaspoon dried thyme, approx. 100g rocket, approx. 100g green leaf lettuce - mix everything together in a large bowl, then mix carefully with the cooked, slightly cooled vegetables.


Add the juice of one lemon, 2-4 tbsp maple syrup, a little herb salt, possibly some curry powder or chilli flakes - mix to make a sauce, drizzle over the salad and enjoy.


I hope you're really getting into the spring spirit with the asparagus. Now that spring is here, there are also fresh baby artichokes and

dandelions are also in season


With these three detoxifiers and energisers in your luggage, you can start your journey to a powerful summer.


Stay healthy and see you soon!



Source: Publications by Anthony William

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