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Spring Cleaning

Do you also feel the spring?! The spirits of life awaken – the living wants to grow and develop further. The forces of nature as well as our physical and mental powers gather, want to gain strength and continue life powerfully.

But what if our body and our mind cannot gain full momentum?

In the newsletter/blog "Why are so many people getting sick these days?" I mentioned the many harmful stresses that are very strong these days. They can prevent us, as well as the nature around us, from attaining our full power in the spring. Consequently this can lead to a loss of zest for life which we all know is no fun.

But there is this wonderful plant called dandelion. It can help us very effectively to achieve our full power. As its name suggests it contains the power and sharpness of a lion's tooth. I would like to introduce you to this great plant. (In order to attain your full power, it is certainly also helpful to apply the recommendations of my newsletter/blog "Solutions I-III").



It wakes us up from winter-hibernation, refreshes the blood and prepares our organs for the spring cleaning.With a very strong cleansing power it removes radiation damage, toxic metals, pesticides and other harmful substances.

The flowers cleanse hollow organs such as the stomach, intestines, gall bladder, urinary bladder, lungs, uterus, heart, etc.

The ingredients of the leaves purify the blood and direct it to hard-to-reach places. And they drain toxins from the lymphatic system (helpful in lymphoma, lymph node swelling, edema, etc.).

Bitter substances of the stem drain excess gall, cleanse the spleen, liver and brain (can even avert the removal of the spleen).

The very bitter substances of the root purge the densest tissues in the body.It contains nutrients such as B-vitamins, vitamin A, manganese, iodine, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, silicic acid, and chlorophyll. These substances give you strength and help your body defend itself against diseases.

Dandelion has a preventive effect against almost all diseases and is extremely helpful for prostate problems.

It can help us to perceive ourselves as a whole, to cope more easily with setbacks and support us to wait patiently for a next chance.



As an alternation you can drink a tea made from roasted dandelion roots. It is almost not bitter and can be also brewed with the very healthy pieces of the liquorice root and also sweetened like this at the same time.

The dandelion flowers can be soaked in cold water overnight. The healthy substances are transferred into the water. Sweeten with a little honey and enjoy. The blooms are also very good cut into small pieces and spread over a salad.

Eat some leaves from time to time during walks (not from roadsides) or take them home with you to add them to your salad. Fresh dandelion leaves offer a very high density of important probiotics. Plants like dandelion supply the body with important living micro-organisms which amongst others support the body's very own production of vitamin B12 in the intestines.

Even purchased dandelion leaves are still valuable.

You do not have access to fresh dandelion? It is also possible to use tinctures (without alcohol) and extracts (non-fermented, without carriers/ additives, for example from Sunday, Eclectic Institute, Nature’s Answer, Herb Pharm etc.).

Making pesto from dandelion leaves is not so recommended. Oil (fat) hinders the effectiveness of important herbal substances and is generally rather stressful for the liver, our blood, our performance and our immune system.



Enjoy a walk in a meadow interspersed with dandelions. Pick the wilted blossoms and blow the dandelion's seed-blowball into the wind. Watch the seeds dance through the air with ease. Enjoy this sight and imagine yourself dancing through life with this lightss. And rejoice in this imagination as you dance through life full of joy.


Own thoughts

The idea of dancing through life with ease may just sound too easy or somehow esoteric to some of you. Plagued myself with persistent depressions and suicidal thoughts for years I started detoxing regularly and avoiding the consumption of gluten as well as eggs about eight years ago (I stopped eating dairy a long time ago). I never thought it possible that one day I would be rid of this depression. And with a very high consumption of fruits, all the foods I recommend and some supplements, that's exactly what happened.

And it got even better!

My stubborn and at times very severe hay fever has disappeared completely. Even my chronic lower back pains which I suffered from more than 35 years I now only feel rarely and then more faintly.

So I say with true belief that it is possible to dance through life with ease. And when days of gloom, sadness, displeasure, sorrow and pain come I accept them with humility, knowing that they are part of life. Reassured that these days will soon pass by, I imagine how the gloom passes – cloud-like –- and look forward to enjoying the dance of life with light-heartedness again very soon.

With ease until next time ;)

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