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Why do so many people get ill nowadays?

A few short answers for now!

Heavy metals and other toxic substances are everywhere in our environment – viruses – stress – contaminated drinking water – lack of sun – detrimental foods...

This newsletter will not be a bed of roses, but this is important and my next one will be a very snug newsletter. Smile :) I am not intending to generate fear or hustle. I would like to reveal solutions.

Despite our wealth and our sheer inexhaustible access to comestibles more and more even young people turn obese (also athletes), ill or suffer from inexplicable, persistent symptoms.

So, by now you will probably be thinking: “Fortunately that does not concern me right now. Most of the time I feel quite healthy and I rarely have any symptoms.” But most people often suffer from symptoms. It can start with tiredness throughout the day, reluctance, inertia, mood swings, problems to think straight etcetera. This may carry on into headaches, limb pains, pain in the joints, tingeling, spasms, indigestion, palpitations, migraine, depressions, burn out, only just to mention a few. We think that this is part of being human, but it is not, at least it did not use to be in ancient times. Apart from very difficult life situations and illnesses the human should be fully fit and powerful, quite the same as animals are in wildlife. It is the nature of every life form otherwise it would not be able to survive.

If you count yourself as one of those who have symptoms from time to time and you would like to reach a state of being fully fit and powerful then it is well worth to carry on reading here.



More answers

  • The encumbrance with toxic substances and other environmental influences which harm us have reached a very high and so far unheard of level for us humans.

  • Additionally there is a permanently growing load of viruses that mutate and become more and more agressive.

  • A substancial factor is stress. As a result, we have too much adrenaline in our body, which lingers there too long and harms us.

  • The water on our planet has not only turned more poorly in terms of nutrition but is also charged with up to 30.000 critical substances which do not have to be tested for and it is therefore no longer really energetic.

  • The alarming reduction of the force of the solar radiation due to air pollution and harmful micro-dust has a life-shortening effect in that plants, animals and humans receive less sunlight.

  • And last but not least we receive a final whipping through an overload of processed and unhealthy food.


It is important to understand the resaons for this development. If we know the causes then we can seek for sensible and effective solutions.

Through this I would like to give you courage because despite all the strains nowadays there are solutions which implications will give us humans joy and hope. Therefore I would like to suggest to share this newsletter with people in your environment that are struggling with persistent symptons.


Seven main reasons for illnesses

It is not possible for me to list all harmful substances. I will just briefly go into the particular causes as well as substances which we are ALL exposed to otherwise it will be too comprehensive.

Mercury (and other heavy metals) … is (are) extremely poisonous and accountable for symptoms such as tingling, tiredness, numbness, spasms, fears, depressions, migraine, ringing sounds in the ears, limb fatigue, sleeping disorders etc.

... may be a cause for psychological troubles, a weak immune system, MS, ADHS, autism, dementia, schizophrenia etc.

… it's concentration in the air, water, earth and comestibles has increased since the industrial revolution up to 200 percent.

… is passed on hereditarily and we absorb it through our respiration, the skin, through our drinking water, saltwater fish and our food. It is found in vaccines, medication, dental fillings, batteries, technical devices, cars, illuminants, in evaporated solvents from airplanes in the sky and it is used in large quantities in gold mining.

… reacts even more poisonous with aluminium, which we can hardly avoid either.

… serves viruses as a source of nourishment which consequently breed, leave toxic excretions and lead to damages everywhere in the body.


Pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, artificial fertilizer and lawn maintenance products

… are already detrimental to our health in small quantities and damage our cells (also in our brain).

… they deposit in our organs, tissue and bones as well as accelerating illnesses.… are absorbed by respiration, drinking water, the skin and foods.

… are often applied, often widespread or sprayed out (in some countries also during night-time) and deposit on plants and grasses.



… hereby we are not only talking about radioactivity which is widespread and understated but also mobile phone radiation, electro smog and medical devices. A radiation to be considered seriously is flying, e.g. the luggage which emits radiation for many years after a few flights. Protect your children from this flight baggage!

… accelerates ageing, weakens the immune-system and damages tissue.

… may well be a cause for early grey hair, wrinkly skin, degenerative bones diseases, discoloured teeth, carious, grey star, retinal scans etc.

… it may make sense to change your flight baggage more frequently and to not store it near lounges and residential rooms.


Petrol, petrochemical substances (also gas)

... and its vapours enter the body and our blood effortlessly.

… damage the immune system, damage nerve cells, and are life-shortening.

… can lead to various symptoms and illnesses.

… it makes sense to protect oneself from these vapors (especially children), to avoid solvent-based substances (also ignition fluids) as well as wearing gloves and masks (also at petrol stations).



… if they get into contact with water, saliva or oils then they disperse invisible particles and find their way into the environment.

… we absorb them through the air, water, foods, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products etc.

… are detrimental, they coalesce toxically with other contaminants in the body and deposit in the liver and other organs.

… form a disjunctive layer over the years in the cells of the muscles, fascias and nerve tissue. New cells are already infiltrated.

... it makes sense to drain plastics from the liver regularly so that they cannot reach the vital organs.


Air fresheners, scented candles, conventional washing agents, softeners, perfume and aftershave

... do not under-estimate the toxic effect of these substances.

… are dodgy and damage our health in the long run.

… release poisonous vapours and weaken our immune system. In the liver and lungs a harmful oil film deposits.

… is compared to the harmfulness of smoking.

… synthetic fragrances serve viruses and bacteria as nutrition.

… can spark up existing diseases.

… it makes sense to transform the home, car and work place into odourless oases.


Pharmaceutical substances

... many medications contain critical substances, can cause some strong side-effects and can also lead to illnesses.

… we also absorb them through our drinking water and nutrition.

… strain the liver and other organs, especially if used excessively.

… it makes sense to help oneself with plant-based natural remedies and healing foods.



This situation is severe and is unfortunately deemphasized by many doctors, major cooperations and their bought out scientists and sometimes even actively hushed up.

Since the industrial revolution many poisonous substances have been developed which we humans have never been exposed to before.

These substances have reached a troubling amount and are still increasing. They get into our bodies through the rain, the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat and our skin everywhere in the world.

These substances yield the main causes for chronical symptoms and illnesses but it is possible to drain them from our bodies or at least neutralise them.


Human health

Mankind is not necessarily destined to get ill in old age! We tend to think that it is normal to turn ill with age. After the scientific examination of thousands of bones found one could say today that pre-historic humans before the agricultural revolution lived most healthily.

Despite a low life-expectancy there were also people that in these ages turned a very old age and remained healthy in there skeleton, joints and teeth. These humans lived in a natural and healthy way with few illnesses if they experienced no deprivation.

But with the agricultural revolution a health decay initiated. Childhood mortality, tooth decay, skeletal degenerations etc. increased tremendously and there were fewer people of high old age, often caused by this new, depleted, lopsided and grain-heavy nourishment also accompanied by a “lack” of berries, wild fruits, herbs, seeds and root tubers.

This health decay has received a massive boost since the industrial revolution. Since then more and more people have many and partially inexplicable symptoms. The menopausal symptoms of women (and men) for example have only developed to be a major problem in the pursuit of the last century.



Every day we are coaxed to consume poisons, irritating and health-threatening substances.We can often not decide for ourselves as we lack the explicit knowledge and we are often denied a say in it. This limits our means of choice, the liberty of our own decision and control so we turn to playthings of the major corporations and their corrupt assistants. It is about time that we wake up and defend ourselves. And when you look around, more and more doctors and scientists are doing so.

Unfortunately it is also a vast delusion if we believe that the necessity to purge our body is unnecessary if we nourish ourselves in a “healthy“, “balanced“ and “intuitive“ manner.

What is declared to us as healthy on the part of the state is often harmful and balanced is unfortunately not sufficient due to poisonous substances being found everywhere in our nutriments and because we are not told the truth concerning certain foods. An intuitive nourishment can only be practised by humans that have not yet been altered by the civilised world.


Here a short example why for instance we shouldn't trust the pharma industry: Klaus Bernhard quotes an example in which the entire sum of all fines after convictions of pharma corporations between 1999 and 2019 was added up. The legally binding convictions were all brought to verdict for fraud, forgeries of studies and lies! All in all these pharma corporations had to pay approximately 30 billion USD in fines. Actually a large sum but given the yearly profits in billions of these corporations it is vanishingly low. (Source: Klaus Bernhardt, Depression und Burnout loswerden, Ariston,

In my eyes there is no plausible reason to trust any major corporation like Monsanto (see international Monsanto Tribunal, Den Haag 2016), Syngenta, Nestlé, Glencore, Bayer and others. And unfortunately these major corporations also influence and infiltrate our political systems.

It was for example proven in this tribunal that Monsanto commissioned forged studies and was therefore able to extend the certification of “Round Up” which contains glyphosate. This happened despite the plenty existing studies and numerous heavy deases caused by this agent proving that glyphosat is heavily detrimental to us and nature. The European chemicals agency only referred to the forged studies and consulted the European parliament in this manner. This means that the members of parliament based the renewal of the certificate for “Round Up” on false studies despite professional circles indicating that enough significant studies exist as well as the WHO already having classified this agent as “likely to cause cancer” previously.

In the U.S. Monsanto managed to prevent further checks of “Round Up” through the health authority. Just like that? One can only guess rudimentarily (through the “Panama- and Pandora papers) how felted and corrupt these systems must be.

As another of many such examples one could elaborate also on the fact that Bayer and other pharma corporations make billions in profits through medication against the Alzheimer-disease despite the fact that independent scientists and doctors have proven clearly that none of these drugs have even the tiniest healing effect. But what these drugs all have in common is strong up to very strong side-effects.


As mentioned previously viruses (and other pathogens), cumbering foods, contaminated drinking water are also main causes for the development of diseases and inexplicable symptoms. I have already reported this matter (see my blog) and will certainly write more in this context.

This new, extraordinary and highly stressful situation for humans calls for extraordinary solutions, which lie in the power of nature on this earth. It is important to recognize these forces and to deal with them with care and appreciation.

Please do not discourage now, in the following blog I will write more with regard to the solutions for these problematic substances. This I may already reveal upfront: “They are green, colourful, sweet to bitter, fresh and vital, aromatic and also taste delicious.!”

"Stay healthy and see you soon!"

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