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Personalized Health Coaching 

    vital . dynamic . grounded
... do you identify with this?

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Duration 30 min
Ask about the prices in Costa Rica.

Gain clarity about
What you really need.
How I can support you.
How my coaching can help you.

Welcome to my website

Would you like to be healthy, enjoy your life to the full and be joyful up until old age? In cooperation with you, I will work out customised solutions, providing you with useful tips, recipes, exercises, and facts. If you are willing to use them and work on yourself, you will experience positive changes in a short time. If you wish to be coached over a longer period of time, I am happily at your disposal.

The path to full health begins with you saying "yes".

Start your journey with me today.

Jürg Bigler

Health Coach, Yoga Teacher, Hiking Guide, Dialog Process Guide, Psychomotorics Therapist, Family-Lab Seminar Leader

Are you currently dealing
with these topics

  • More drive, feel awake and present

  • Be healthy, vital and energetic

  • Get rid of persisting symptoms & healing

  • Optimal body weight, useful exercise, sport and nutrition

  • Pain-free back, joints and muscles

  • Restful sleep

  • Children and relationships: fertility, relaxed and happy atmosphere at home

  • Healthy nutrition, no conflicts at school, behaviour, ADHD

  • Relaxed, calm and grounded in your daily life

It would be my pleasure to offer you simple but effective solutions....


My areas of expertise

Analyzing your nutrition habits

Introducing new nutrition & healing patterns

Developing a healthy lifestyle, exercise and relaxation


Setting your personal health goals

Appreciative, dignified communication as a key to enriched relationships


Become & remain more healthy with selected foods, herbs and wild plants. With this diet you will feel vital and full of “joie de vivre”.

With a few simple and essential physical exercises, your body gets the energy it needs in everyday life. As you know: “If you rest, you will rust”.

To prevent tension and hardening of the muscles as well as joint pains, it is necessary to keep the muscles elastic. With just a few exercises, simple relaxation and / or meditation techniques you can make your body supple again. You will feel relaxed calm, more grounded and at ease.

Our inner attitude determines who we are and how we may appear to others. Change your attitude and the world will follow you. 


Negative beliefs about yourself and life can make things difficult. Together we’ll detect and change them. As a result, you’ll feel more free, happy and unencumbered. It will also be easier for you to master the challenges in life.


Issues within families and with relationships as well as conflicts at school can be challenging. I will show you ways to change conflicts into cooperations. Difficult situations can be transformed which will provide more energy for everyone involved.


The path to full health begins with you saying "yes".

Start your journey with me today.

"Jürg Bigler is a great listener! I felt understood from the first conversation. With clear structures, he helped me on my way to a more fulfilling and healthier life. Now I’ve been feeling more vital and happier for months, even in the dreary winter days. Fatigue and annoying tiredness are gone."

N.K., Zürich

"My thyroid problem could never really be solved satisfactorily by conventional medicine. Since I applied Jürg's diet and life recommendations, I've been doing great. At the beginning I thought the transition would be difficult. But thanks to Jürg's empathy and his step-by-step support, it was really fun to notice the positive changes and after only three months I was able to stop the annoying medication."

Nicole Kollbrunner, Zumikon

"I thought I knew all about nutrition and working out after trying so many things in my life, and then I met Jürg!
He broaden my horizons and helped me loose a lot of weight whilst still feeling energised and feeling healthy from within. I realised then that I had never felt that before... The workout routine he put in place is short, avant-garde and efficient. What I appreciated the most is his holistic approach about well being - seeing it as a whole and not only about what you eat."

Adrienne Haskell, Zürich


My coaching sessions take place in the region of Nosara Costa Rica.
I also offer consultations via telephone, skype, zoom, outdoors or in the comfort of your home.

I’m also happy to share my knowledge at seminars, workshops and retreats.
Please contact me to discuss further details.

Anti-virus coaching 

Get to know how to strengthen your immune system (also helpful in acute cases). Includes a written dossier, recipes and many tips for the implementation.

1:1 session over the phone, 60 min. 
CHF 120

First Consultation

Including anamnesis (medical history) and conversation.

1:1 session, 90 min. CHF 120

Coaching 1

1:1 session, 60 min. CHF 120

Coaching 2

1:1 session, 90 min. CHF 170

Coaching package small 
Three 1:1 sessions:
Initial session, 90 min.
2 sessions, 60 min.
Including anamnesis, elaboration of an individual dossier
(2-3 hours effort), recipes and many tips for the implementation

CHF 550
(payable in advance)

Coaching package large 
Five 1:1 sessions:
Initial session, 90 min.
4 sessions, 60 min.
Including anamnesis, elaboration of an individual dossier
(2-3 hours effort) recipes and many tips for the implementation.

CHF 770
(payable in advance)

Unfortunately, coaching and meditation are not covered by health insurances.


Cancellation terms:
Please cancel your sessions at least 24 hours (Monday to Friday)
before the appointment.
Otherwise the full charges apply.


The path to full health begins

with you saying "yes".


Start your journey with me today!

About me

My name is Jürg Bigler. After overcoming a few turmoils and health challenges in my own life I am now enjoying my life to the full. Together with my beloved partner and our two sweet girls, we are enjoying many surprises and the usual challenges of life.
My passion for a healthy nutrition and -lifestyle was awakened 30 years ago when my daughter developed neurodermitis. Colds were also a constant issue for all my children at that time. It was then that I began to investigate more intensively into the topics of nutrition, a healthier lifestyle and food supplements. Soon I was able to solve my children’shealth problems.
Since then I have continued to constantly educate myself. For over 10 years I have been supporting my customers on their way to more holistic health.
I am very happy about the positive feedback I have received for my health consultations. The fact that I have helped my customers to lead a happier, healthier life after a long period of illness or pain shows me that I am on the right track.
I like simple, effective solutions that can be implemented quickly and without complicated tools. I would be happy to work out your individual program together with you.
Completed educations
Eidg. dipl. Sports trainer II, ETH Zürich
Therapist for Psychomotorics, HfH Zürich
Dialogue process guide, according Johannes Schopp

Yoga teacher YTT 200
Family labseminar leader, according Jesper Juul

Snow sports instructor, Swiss Snow Sport
Hiking guide, SAC
Continuing educations
Various seminars with Dr. J. Mutter
Various advanced familylab seminars, according Jesper Juul
Snow sports instructor, Swiss Snow Sport

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