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Also important for men!

With this blog post I would like to share information about the real causes of menopausal symptoms in women and men.

The complaints are not caused by menopause.

As usual I will show you simple, sustainable ways to alleviate or completely get rid of these “menopausal” symptoms. It will also be more comprehensible why hormone therapies is rather not useful.

Wouldn't it be just wonderful to be able to enter this stage of life without life-shattering symptoms and gruelling medical treatments?

I would almost like to claim that this is exactly what we humans have a right to. Because apparently in earlier times that is how it was.


In medical literature up to the beginning of the 20th century, menopause is hardly mentioned. Hot flushes and palpitations were virtually non-existent and doctor's visits were apparently unnecessary. In fact, women usually felt better before, during, and after menopause than they had in the past. Often sexual desire was said to have increased again afterward.

Apparently, there were no noticeable symptoms or discomforts during menopause.

Then suddenly, around the middle of the 20th century, this changed abruptly. Women between 40 and 55 complained of new kinds of complaints. Doctors were clueless. No one could explain where these complaints came from and good advice was absent. By the way, there were also quite a few men who reported such symptoms (Even today, many men are affected.). Interestingly, the women were soon portrayed as massively exaggerating, even hysterical, while the men did not talk about it and tried to remain tough guys. (Interesting that autoimmune diseases also emerged around this time which show similar or the same symptoms).

In the 1950s, the number of women with memory and concentration problems, mood swings, weight gain, dizziness, persistent fatigue, night sweats, anxiety, digestive problems, headaches, joint pain, depression, hair loss, sleep disorders, and much more grew to such an extent that medical professionals finally had to take it seriously.

Out of a need for causal explanations, age and hormones were blamed for the ailments. This was the birth of the "hormone industry" and that without ever proving that the problems were caused by hormone imbalances.

Fortunately, today it is finally sufficiently researched and known that hormone therapies do not have the hoped-for effects, but often lead to serious health problems. Unbelievably brazen, if one considers how the pharmaceutical industry and many doctors have "tested" these untested hormone therapies for years on the backs of women and earned a lot of money with them.


The three causes of the complaints around 1950

  • From the beginning of the 20th century Epstein-Bar and other viruses began to settle in people's bodies. These viruses used to take many years to multiply, spread in the body and then cause inflammatory processes on a large scale. Since then, these virus strains have mutated and become increasingly aggressive. It was simply a coincidence that the affected women were all aged from about 45 onwards when these inexplicably severe symptoms started. Then the doctors gave them the label of "hormone disorders”. (Interestingly, inflammatory thyroid disorders, caused by viruses, also emerged during this period).

  • The pedoscope, a shoe X-ray machine. These apparatuses were used in a large number of shoe stores starting in 1920 to determine the fit of feet and shoes. The apparatuses advanced to become all the rage. Many children lined up to have their feet illuminated during their free time. Many women thought it was important to try new shoes regularly, and each time, of course, their feet were illuminated beforehand. The radiation exposure from a pedoscope is about 20 times that of a modern chest x-ray. So you can imagine the extremely strong radioactive exposure through these pedoscopes and that during many years. The inventor of the pedoscope was Thomas Edison. His chief assistant Clarence Dally died in 1904 after only 8 years of research due to the consequences of radiation. Edison then abandoned this project. Nevertheless, these devices were put on the market on a large scale. In 1949 English studies irrefutably showed the high harmfulness of the radiation. After a regional study in Detroit of the trade control in 1948 the devices disappeared bit by bit on the quiet from the stores in the USA. In Europe they were still used until 1970, although tens of thousands of women had to undergo leg amputations because of cancer and many others showed strong symptoms.

  • Around 1950, the use of DDT reached its peak. This extremely toxic insecticide was used extensively and in large quantities in agriculture and parks since 1940. It was even sold by agents to housewives, who then used it in the house and garden. In countless women at that time, the liver and central nervous system were saturated with this poison. Banned only in 1972, it is unfortunately being used again today to a greater extent in the fight against malaria.


Today's causes of menopausal symptoms

  • The viral load has become much more severe nowadays. Viruses are constantly mutating and becoming more aggressive. Innumerable symptoms are caused by viruses.

  • Radioactive contamination in the environment is high and continues to increase, for example, due to the ever-increasing security checks at airports. Radioactivity is a very serious source of exposure. In addition, there are the burdens of the omnipresent electrosmog.

  • DDT is unfortunately still prevalent in our environment. In addition, there are thousands of harmful insecticides, pesticides, synthetic fragrancesand other toxic substances.

  • Nowadays there is also an extremely high load of very harmful heavy metals such as mercury, aluminium, lead, etc.


Hormone replacement therapy HRT

I will only briefly mention this, because today there is simply enough evidence that this therapy is not useful for the corresponding symptoms. However, being a layman and no expert, I do not want to impute anything to good and self-sacrificing doctors. It is extremely important that there are good doctors who really know something about this subject and can respond very subtly to their patients.

  • One indication is that today more and more young women are showing symptoms with menopausal symptoms. If these symptoms were really related to menopausal symptoms and hormone imbalances, young women would probably not be affected.

  • Studies have shown that HRT significantly increases the risk of cancer, stroke and heart attack. (See, e.g., "Women's Health Initiative'' 2002).

  • For decades, there appeared to be very few women who reported sustained relief of their symptoms from HRT.

  • These facts suggest that age and hormones are not responsible for the symptoms. Why then, after the failure of HRT, did conventional medicine not look for the real causes? Does it then make sense to use a weakened hormone therapy with weaker bioidentical hormones?

  • By the way, hormone levels cannot be accurately determined by saliva-, blood- and urine tests because adrenaline, eggs, dairy products, gluten, chicken meat and caffeine falsify the test values.

  • In my eyes, only a therapy that fights the real causes without side effects can be useful. This is possible by relatively simple means.

Whether woman or man, it is simply a good feeling to know the real causes of unexplained symptoms. This allows us to take the mace in our own hands and fight the battle against these symptoms. From my own experience I know that this also works.


Counter-thesis to the common myths

  • The symptoms are not caused by hormonal imbalances or menopause.

  • Women's ageing does not accelerate, but DECREASES naturally after menopause.

  • With menopause the immune system usually becomes stronger and protection against viruses, bacteria and even cancer may improve. So women actually benefit from menopause and not the other way around!

  • The risk of osteoporosis does not increase after menopause. Possible osteoporosis begins many years before and the decrease in oestrogens after menopause does not contribute to this.

  • A woman's sex hormones are not the source of her youth. True youth is the period before puberty. This is followed by the years of the fertility cycle, which are exhausting for the body.

  • Vaginal dryness is a symptom of adrenal insufficiency, not menopause. That is why younger women also complain of this problem.

  • With the menopause, the sex hormones are being phased out to protect a woman's body and allow her to live a healthy, long life. This should be the time of the "second'' youth, for which no additional hormones are necessary, but only disturbing.

  • So the fact that oestrogen levels decrease with menopause is normal, even sensible, and not a hormone disorder. It serves the longevity of the woman. Hormone supplements, on the other hand, can accelerate ageing.


What can you do about these unexplained symptoms?

There are a variety of options. The determining factors are the severity and frequency of symptoms, general health, age, and simply what someone is willing to change about eating habits. Because, without giving up certain foods at least for a certain period of time, it will hardly be possible to get rid of these symptoms. In the blog on my website about "Solutions Part I-III" I have already listed in detail what one can do against the stresses that cause such symptoms. Therefore, I will only roughly outline what the possibilities are here. The nice thing about all the measures is that you can choose from many healthy and delicious foods and eat enough of them.

  • First of all, it is important to understand that we can rid our bodies of these harmful viruses and substances with healthy foods, natural remedies and appropriate supplements. There are no better cures than these.

  • The easiest thing to do is to incorporate significantly more fruits, vegetables and herbs into your eating habits. A large part of this should be raw foods.

  • Foods that specifically support the reproductive system:

Wild blueberries, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, leafy lettuces, bananas, melons, papayas, blackberries, celery, artichokes, tomatoes, red peppers, asparagus, apples, spinach, blue grapes, cucumbers, tahini (in small amounts), avocados (in small amounts), hemp seeds (in small amounts) and lentils.

  • All of these healthy foods strengthen the immune system, either by fighting viruses, bacteria and parasites, or by draining heavy metals and other toxic substances from the body. Some also neutralize radiation exposure or discharge microplastics.

  • Very supportive are the fresh juice of celery and a detox smoothie, which I also presented in the above mentioned blog.

  • If the cure can not yet be achieved in this way, a cleansing cure becomes useful. The longer the symptoms persist, the longer the cure should last. We are talking here about a few weeks up to a year.

  • In critical conditions, it is essential to add plenty of fresh vegetable and fruit juices every day.

  • Viruses feed on eggs, dairy products, gluten, corn, soy and rape oil. They also like adrenaline, which is why caffeine is also stressful in this context. Since viruses can multiply vastly in these conditions, it is extremely wise to avoid these foods during the time of cleansing and healing. These foods can also accelerate aging.



  • Menopausal symptoms do not really exist. The symptoms assigned by conventional medicine have other causes.

  • It is extremely important to realize that these symptoms are precursors to serious diseases. This includes all autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases, fibromyalgia, many cancers, etc.

  • The sooner you start detoxifying your body and living healthy, the less likely you are to experience unexplained symptoms. So you can confidently look forward to healthy ageing.


I would be very happy if these tips can give you, your loved ones and friends new impulses, hope and the drive to break new ground.

Stay healthy and see you soon!

My recommendations and advice in no way replace a medical diagnosis and treatment. At no time do I make any healing promises.

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