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Wild Blueberry

The fruit with the greatest healing power!

This berry is the best weapon against ALL diseases. It develops its greatest power when it is frozen. So we don't necessarily have to pick them in the forest and in the mountains, but we can also buy them frozen or as freeze-dried powder. I would like to introduce it to you in a little more detail and inform you about its immense benefits.

I would also like to remind you once again that there are no better remedies for all health problems than fresh fruits & vegetables, garden herbs, wild herbs as well as medicinal plants. This is also shown by the lasting therapeutic successes of Anthony William, Dr. J. Mutter and other professionals who work with this knowledge. You can also find a lot of information about this in my blog.


What makes wild blueberries special...

...they bind toxic metals and discharge them. Nowadays most people are heavily loaded with toxic metals.

...they help neutralize pesticides, herbicides and radioactivity in the body to which we are all overexposed to, all over the world. acts as the best adaptogen. Adaptogens are active plant compounds that help the body cope better with physical and emotional stress. Stress is the biggest cause of disease.

...they also fight viruses and bacteria which hereby concludes all causes of all existing diseases. So, overall, wild blueberries protect against all forms of cancer as well as all diseases and are very effective for the regeneration.

...they regenerate the liver which is overburdened and/or fatty nowadays for many people. Liver problems very often precede diseases.

...they nourish the brain better than any other nutrition, thus promoting all functions in the brain. With the high daily demands of our current everyday life and stress such as ADHD, we humans need good brain food.

...they help to reduce weight, but can also stimulate appetite.

...they are very rich in polyphenols and other secondary plant compounds.

...they have the highest content of antioxidants of all plants.

...they act as one of the best prebiotics. Given the fact that very many people have problems with their intestinal health and the body's production of vitamin B12 this is also a very important support.



  • A lot of research is being done on wild blueberries. Exciting information can be found, for example, at:

1. Wild Blueberries at the 12th European Nutrition Conference FENS Berlin,

2. Wild Blueberry Association of North America,

  • In the study Effects of Acute Blueberry Flavonoids on Mood in Children and Young Adults (Prof. Claire Williams, University of Reading, it could be shown that wild blueberries could significantly lift the mood of adolescents and children.



  • The wild blueberry has adapted to all climatic variations for thousands of years and it is a plant that simply sprouts again from the ground after wildfires, becoming even stronger than before. This strength and resilience they pass on to us humans and we can use in our daily life, but also for sporting achievements and to get back on our feet after all kinds of difficulties in our lives.

  • By the way, the cultivated blueberry unfortunately does not anywhere near the same effect. So it can unfortunately not serve as a substitute for the wild blueberry.

  • However, the blueberries can develop their fully phenomenal effect only through a healthy preparation. Unfortunately, this does not include muffins or other baked goods, even if they are vegan and gluten-free. Simply the combination of fat and sugar is harmful for our body (see Subsequently it is also not useful to mix them with any dairy products.

  • And of course the effect can only develop if you regularly eat wild blueberries. This should be at least three times a week and at least the amount of a cup a day. This is very efficient in the Heavy - Metal - Detox - Smoothie (see Blueberries can be eaten mixed, frozen, mixed with honey or maple syrup, etc.. There are no limits to your imagination.

  • If you buy blueberry powder, this should be absolutely without any additives and also not contaminated with pesticides etc.

  • For someone who is not so concerned about a healthy diet, wild blueberries are an easy and highly effective alternative.

  • The following recipe is very tasty, but also contains a bit much fat. For everyday consumption, recipes like the above smoothie, the following blueberry muesli or simply mixing the berries with other fruits are more suitable.



  • Blueberry pie (4-6 people)

1/3 cup cashews, 1/3 cup coconut flakes, 4 cups pitted dates, 500g thawed blueberries, 1 mango cut into cubes.

Base: process cashews, coconut flakes, 3 cups dates with food processor to mixture and press into a mold with a good 20 cm diameter. Cover and place in refrigerator.

Topping: puree half of the blueberries, the remaining dates and the mango, mix in the remaining blueberries.

Spread mixture over bottom and refrigerate for at least 40 minutes until firm.

Serve pie cold and enjoy!

  • Blueberry muesli (1 person)

All of the ingredients, with the exception of vanilla, in this very healthy muesli are highly beneficial to our health. For the strict vegans, I like to give that honey has always served as a healthy food for mammals and humans and sourcing it from sustainable sources is justifiable. Honey is extremely beneficial and increases, for example, the effect of fruits consumed at the same time by about 50%.

Caution: Muesli containing gluten, dairy products, oils (also from nuts and seeds), roasted nuts and seeds, a lot of oats etc. are unhealthy. Gluten and dairy products feed viruses and harmful bacteria. Fats, combined with sugar (also found in fruits and grains) are a harmful combination for our bodies. This can lead to fructose intolerance or insulin resistance and support the development of diabetes (

  • 1 cup (min. 120g) frozen wild blueberries (thawed), 1 red-cheeked organic apple, 1 organic banana, 1-2 tablespoons fine gluten-free rolled oats, juice of half a lemon, 1-2 teaspoons liquid honey, 1-2 teaspoons maple syrup, 1-2 teaspoons cinnamon, 1 pinch vanilla powder.

Grate the apple into pulp with a very fine grater. Mash the banana to pulp with a fork or cut it into small pieces. Mix everything, then let it stand a bit until the oatmeal is soft and enjoy. Of course, other fruits can be added if wished. If you have the possibility to crush oatmeal fresh yourself, the quality of the flakes increases enormously.


I hope I've been able to introduce you to wild blueberries a bit. In any case, they are an excellent and easy way to do something good for yourself.

Stay healthy and see you soon!

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