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What is behind - migraine?

If you are not affected yourself, you may know people in your environment who suffer from migraine who might benefit from this blog post.

In this post I would like to inform you about the various causes of migraine, but more importantly show up solutions against this exhausting phenomenon.

Since effective and sustainable solutions tend to come from the natural corner, I will not go into conventional medical therapies. Therefore, it also does not make sense to go into medical migraine triggers such as concussion, stroke, etc.. However, this does not mean that the therapy suggestions I mention here cannot also provide relief in these cases.

Migraine is very often a puzzling symptom and conventional medicine is just as often unable to locate a clear cause. There are people who suffer from migraine for years and can hardly participate in social life. Of course, I do not consider myself smarter than conventional medicine, but in my eyes there is a smart shortcut. Instead of undergoing dozens of diagnoses, therapies and drug cocktails, which often cause severe side effects, there an often successful way to try natural remedies.

This path bears the advantage that it comes with positive side effects:

Symptom relief, detox, stronger immune system, firmer and healthier skin, more vitality, performance and thus joy of life.

Migraine triggers

Very often, migraine attacks are caused by a cocktail of different factors. It may for example be that too little sleep and a chronic stress load will not trigger a migraine, but that with an additional load of heavy metal the migraine is triggered. It thus makes sense to look for several causes in migraine.

• Often viruses or their neurotoxins are the cause of inflammations of the vagus nerve, the trigeminal nerve or the phrenic nerve.

Lack of fluids, when a diet high in fat, salt and protein causes the liver to become congested and sluggish. Our body can only meet its needs with natural fluids (water, fruits, vegetables)!

Electrolyte deficiency can disrupt brain activity, stress the central nervous system and thus trigger migraines.

Stress - Severe or chronic stress causes excess adrenaline, which can attack the trigeminal nerve.

Menstruation is not a migraine trigger. During this time, about 80% of a woman's immune system turns to the reproductive system. If at this time a woman's body has to deal with the troublemakers or lack of fluids mentioned here, this constellation is possibly responsible for the migraine.

Lack of sleep - can trigger migraines in combination with heavy metals, other toxic substances, viruses, etc..

Micro-TIA, a micro-transient ischemic attack. Mild form of a transient ischemic attack (TIA), a short-term reduction in blood flow to the brain.

• If the migraine originates from the sinuses, surgical intervention is often performed. In most cases, this does not provide lasting relief. Since the cause of the sinus problems is a chronic streptococcal infection, it is important to strengthen the immune system with natural means so that the streptococci are eradicated.

Ammonia gas, produced by poor digestion can cause migraines as it travels upward and may attack the nerves in the central nervous system.

Toxic metals such as mercury, lead, copper, arsenic, etc. and toxic chemicals in food, drinking water and the air we breathe can enter the brain and disrupt electrical impulses.

• The following foods, in combination with viruses and bacteria, can trigger migraines: Dairy products, eggs, gluten, meat, fermented foods, salt, cooking oils (rape-, corn-, palm-, cottonseed oil), glutamate and aspartame (are found in a great many convenience foods, often under a different name), alcohol, caffeine.

Roughly speaking, these foods are mucus-forming, pro-inflammatory, heavy on the digestion, acidifying, liver-distressing, blood-thickening, dehydrating, in some cases toxic as well as nourishing viruses and bacteria.

Allergic reactions. They increase histamine levels. Neurotoxins and other waste products in the body can increase histamine levels. Too much histamine can trigger migraines. This reaction may also occur several days after ingestion of allergenic substances.

Irreconcilable substances from air fresheners, scented candles, perfumes, aftershaves and incense can also trigger such allergenic reactions in addition to food. It may be worthwhile omitting certain substances for some time to see if they are the trigger for the migraine.


What to do against migraine?

• Drink enough natural water regularly. Water should be purified and invigorated. But do not overdo it with water consumption either. If you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables your body will automatically need less water. You should also feel comfortable with the amount of water you drink.

• If known to you it is important to avoid migraine triggers altogether.

• If the triggers are not known, use the selection principle to find the triggers and then eliminate them altogether.

• If the triggers cannot be located, it is probably time to take steps for a prolonged period of detoxification and cleansing of the body. This should include avoiding the mentioned migraine triggers as much as possible.

• Another "simple'' method is to change the diet entirely, omitting harmful foods and eating supportive, healing foods. They fight harmful viruses and bacteria, flush out toxins, strengthen brain tissue, improve digestion, calm nerves, provide essential nutrients, relax muscles and much more. Over time, noticeably stronger vitality and thus more zest for life will come naturally.

• Here are some top candidates for healthy nourishment: fresh celery juice, fresh cilantro, hemp seeds (small amounts), potatoes, bananas, asparagus, oranges, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach, papayas, chili peppers, garlic, ginger, kale, cinnamon, wild blueberries and apples.


Medicinal herbs and food supplements

I mention only some of the most important remedies here. They also strengthen the immune system, fight germs, detoxify, reduce inflammation, etc. and hereby help to drastically reduce the risk of migraine. If you are interested, I can help you with sources and dosage.

• Cat's claw, Helminth, Coenzyme Q10, Curcumin, Barley grass juice powder

• Spirulina, Stinging nettle, Ashwagandha, Lemon balm, Oregano oil

• Elderflower, Canadian turmeric (Golden Seal), Turmeric

• Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, L-Lysine


I would be very pleased if these tips can give you new impulses, hope and the drive to break new grounds.

Your steps towards healing, your striving for health and vitality will also support other people.

Stay healthy and see you soon!

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