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Solutions Part III

How are you feeling? And honestly - how are you really doing? Life is not always just fun, I experience this also indeed. But there is one thing I can say from my experience: Since I have been eating more fruits, vegetables, herbs and wild plants I have been living life more happily, more meekly and more resiliently. Have you tried the celery juice, heavy metal detox smoothie, and eating more fruits and veggies? It's worth it and trust me: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating!"

Here I present you with further foods that neutralize the powerful harmful stresses our bodies are all exposed to these nowadays (Solutions Part I & II see my blog entry):


Medicinal & wild plants

I mention only a few important plants and their detoxifying effects. All these plants have far more supporting and healing effects ready for us. They should also be the remedies of choice for infectious diseases and all serious illnesses as they are highly effective and very rarely induce side effects. The remedies with underlines in the text should be used daily if possible (taken in combination, some support each other ­– see Detox Smoothie in the last newsletter/blog entry “Solutions Part II”).

Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa)

(From the bark of a South American shrub)

Acts like antibiotics (no development of resistance, no Herxheimer reaction), but against all pathogenic germs (including viruses).

Helps with digestive problems, all infections (including urinary tract), PANDAS, ALS, MS and many other diseases.

Do not use during pregnancy.


Effective against viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold and parasites.

Kills only harmful bacteria.

Frees colon from toxic metals.

Coriander (fresh)

Most powerful remedy against heavy metals and toxic metals.

Is also capable of detoxifying brain (mercury is main problem in Alzheimer's, autism and ADHD).

Detoxifies and cleanses liver and the adrenal glands.

For people that experience an unpleasant metal taste in the mouth when eating coriander the intake of coriander is even more important.

Flat leaf Parsley

Acts against bacteria, fungi and parasites.

Dissolves and discharges old residue of herbicides and pesticides.

Regenerates the adrenal cortex.


Helps with fungal infections and contact with toxic molds.

Drains toxic heavy metals from the intestines.

Lemon balm

THE remedy for stress.

Acts throughout the body against viruses, parasites and bacteria.

Detoxifies liver, spleen and kidneys.

Aloe Vera

Intestinal cleansing, helps with constipation and intestinal diseases.

Acts against viruses, fungi, mold and parasites.

Regenerates radiation damage.

Atlantic Lobe Kelp (Dulse)

Rid the body of toxic heavy metals.

Take toxic substances from the coriander in the intestine.

Release NONE of their toxins absorbed in the sea in the body.

Stress repellent and radiation absorbent.

Help with Alzheimer's, autism, ADHD, epilepsy, etc.

Nettle leaves

Stress-reducing and anti-inflammatory.

Protect against radiation effects and regenerate the adrenal glands.

Discharge artificial hormones from plastics and pesticides.

Fertility herb, especially for women.

Chaga mushroom

Strengthens immune system and increases white blood cell count, which fights toxins and pathogenic invaders.

Degrades "biofilm" (sticky substance on moist surfaces of organs, caused by toxic waste from viruses).

Like all edible mushrooms, destroys harmful fungal infections in the body.


Most powerful vitamin C against common vitamin C deficiency.

Fights all infections.

Degrades "biofilm" (see above).


The purifying herb par excellence.

Cleanses from agrochemical pollutants, toxic metals, radiation damage and more.

Flowers cleanse hollow organs such as stomach, intestines, heart, etc.

Leaves cleanse blood and lymph.

Stems cleanse the spleen, liver and brain.

Root cleanses the densest tissues in the body.

Red clover

Has a strong cleansing effect on the lymph.

Richer than any multivitamin compund and breaks down storage fat!

Detoxifies harmful metals and pesticides.

Burdock root

Regenerates and strengthens the liver better than anything else (most people's livers are weakened these days).

Detoxifies the liver of harmful hormone-like substances from metal compounds, plastics and agricultural chemicals.

Binds toxic metals and discharges them.

Cleanses lymphatic system and blood.

Barley grass juice powder

Drains mercury and other toxic metals.

Detoxifies the whole body.


(blue-green algae, preferably from Hawaii)

Channels out radiation, including radioactive iodine from the thyroid gland.

Breaks down toxic metals and heavy metals.

Dissolves toxins and slag waste products.

Wild blueberries

The most important and strongest healing food of all!

Prevent all types of cancer.

Fight all pollutants.

Regenerate the liver.



Not only in my eyes, the medicinal and wild plants mentioned above come with an effective power that eclipses that of synthetic medicines. Most of them contain thousands of herbal active substances, which develop this irreplaceable power in our body. In an abstract comparison, it is fortunately still the case that robots, for example, can never achieve the perfection that a human body or the body of an animal with its thousands of elements & functions simply possesses by nature. Where man tries to intervene in the processes of the living, he has by far not yet reached perfection. Medicine and the pharmaceutical industry also form no exception here. On the contrary - perfection has always been a part of nature, it is its very essence.

This is why the effect of natural medicinal & wild plants on our health is so perfect and efficient.

If you want to know more about the various uses of these plants, I can support you. Of course they can only unfold their effect if they are consumed regularly and in sufficient quantity.



Honey is not a plant, but it contains over 200'000 plant substances and with its healing power one could call it called liquid gold!

Protects against radiation damage.

Kills pathogenic germs.

Repairs our DNA.

Humans and animals have always enjoyed honey. If it comes from ethical husbandry and sustainable production, this feast is justifiable.


In the next blog I would like to talk about Long Covid and its neutralization by natural means.

Stay healthy and see you soon!

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