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Solutions Part II

Before I start I would like to wish you a wonderful, happy and joyful New Year despite these difficult times!

It is important to maintain faith in the good and happy at all costs, because quite contrary to this only persistence, resignation and finally dying may befall us. That this faith can also come to fruition I would like to explain more in detail at the end.

Now for further answers to the question: "Which foods neutralize these strong harmful encumbrances to which we are all exposed nowadays?


Recipe 1

Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

It too has tremendous cleansing and healing powers and – like the celery juice mentioned last time – there is no substitute for it. With this smoothie you are not only draining heavy metals, but also radiation, pesticides and other man-made toxins, plastics, etc. You are also fighting viruses with it.

2 cups frozen or fresh wild blueberries (or 2 tsp. powder),

1 cup of fresh Coriander herb,

1 tsp Barley grass juice powder,

1 tsp. spirulina,

1 tbsp Atlantic lobe kelp (dulse),

juice of 1 orange,

1-2 bananas

Process everything together in a high-powered blender, adding a little water if necessary.

You can also refine the smoohtie with fresh lemon juice and maple syrup.



Drink the smoothie whole or spread throughout the day. It can also replace a meal. Insalivate well and rinse your mouth (teeth) well afterwards. Do not drink with meals and do not take sips in too short intervals if you drink it throughout the day. The stomach needs at least 90 minutes of digestion time.

The information on the individual active ingredients is comprehensive. I can only say they are extremely effective and should not be omitted under any circumstances.

Detox needs patience! Pollutants accumulated in your body for years on a daily basis cannot be brought out so quickly. It is efficient to take this smoothie for at least 3-6 months, especially if you are a novice.

Even more efficient is the combination with the celery juice. To do this, simply insert the smoothie in your daily routine sometime after the celery juice (at least 30 minutes).

Try to keep your day fat-free as long as possible. As soon as fat gets into the liver, it stops its important cleansing work.

In case of very strong and persistent toxic residues in the body, it is indicated to do a cleansing cure. I can explain this procedure to you in a personal conversation.


Recipe 2

Eat more vegetables

I will mention here only the most efficient ones, without going into the multitude of effects, because otherwise it would become too comprehensive. Vegetables have an irreplaceable important power in the fight against these harmful encumbrances.

Artichokes - Leafy vegetables (salads) - Cucumbers - Potatoes - Green asparagus – Cabbage & Rocket – Radishes & small Radishes – Shrub Celery – Sprouts & Germ buds - Sweet potatoes - Onions

The manual couldn't be simpler: "Eat more vegetables every day!"

Raw, cooked and of high organic quality, in whole, cut, in a smoothie or as a juice (pasteurized vegetable juices are of no value).

Don't let any criticism towards vegetables get to you. Vegetables are healing and cleansing foods (including nightshade vegetables).


Criticism of fruits

(Reference to the last newsletter)

This criticism deals mainly with artificial fructose and it is correct to issue warnings against it as it is harmful. However, many experts also issue warnings with regards to eating too much fruit, whereby lumping synthetic and natural fructose into the same pot. However there is a big difference. Natural fructose has other biochemical compounds in the fruit itself with hundreds of other important substances and therefore behaves quite differently compared to synthetic fructose. Many fruits even adjust the blood sugar levels and are the most important brain food of all.

There is no better "brainfood"!

Our body needs energy. In order for the cells to do their job optimally, they need sugar – in fact – lots of it. Therefore, a trend like "low carb" is undifferentiated and dangerous. However, sugar from grains (even gluten-free) quickly brings the danger of insulin resistance. Gluten poses threats to everyone (more about this in a later newsletter).

The most suitable sugar for our energy needs comes exclusively from fruits & honey.

Now this will presumably result in a loud outcry of all those that suffer from alleged Fructose-intolerance, Malabsorbtion (or believe herein). However, neither of these two effects can be reliably detected with today's testing methods. Possible health issues after fruit consumption more likely arise from high fat levels in the blood and/or a fatty liver. Detoxification reactions are possibly a more plausible cause as fruits have a detoxifying effect and thus release more toxic substances. If the liver and blood contain too much fat, these toxins cannot be drained and can cause discomfort. As a rule, these complaints go away when the liver is cleaned, defatted and generally less fat is consumed. Sometimes it is enough to be careful not to consume fruits together with fat.

Fruits are not only an energetic nourishment, but also healing supplies for the liver as well as other organs.



At the beginning, I spoke about faith in the good and joy. I would like to elaborate this in two short stories from my personal life.


For years it was not possible to be in contact with my children from my first marriage. It was not possible for them to forgive me and allow feelings towards me. I never gave up faith and hope for forgiveness and a reunion. Last November, my mother passed away. The personal development of the now grown up children and the death of their grandmother made a turnaround possible and led to beautiful encounters which were now possible. Without my faith in this, I may not have been ready, nor open to this.


Recently I fell ill with Covid. Genetically my body detoxifies poorly and despite my stature I am not a very resilient type. Therefore I had relatively strong symptoms. Now I finally had the opportunity to try on myself what I always preach all around. I followed some of the instructions from the newsletters "Fighting Viruses Successfully and Naturally Part 3 and 4" (see blog) and was virtually symptom-free again after four nights. Without my faith in these therapies I might have given up too soon or just gotten sloppy so that the recovery may have been delayed.


In the next blog I would like to introduce some very efficient medicinal & wild plants, which can help us in the fight against harmful substances.

Please pass on this knowledge. It can help protect people from serious diseases.

Stay healthy and until soon!

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