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Long Covid

This blog post offers an attempt of explanation of why some people experience severe symptoms after being infected with Covid-19 and why some people show long-term symptoms as well as not being able not recover properly.

I will also point out how to protect yourself from Long Covid or get rid of the persistent symptoms. I will stick to the knowledge and experience based on alternative medicine for the simple reason that these methods appear to be most promising. I will not go into a scientific discourse but explain in simple words the most important causes and then moreover I will offer effective solutions.

In my eyes it is extremely important to be able to do accomplish something that is promising, gives you hope and facilitates more joy.


Typical virus-induced symptoms and health problems

Persistent fatigue, brain fog, tingling and numbness in all sorts of places, weakness of limbs, migraine, dizziness, tinnitus, respiratory problems, depression & anxiety, vitreous flakes, tics and spasms, glandular fever, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Borreliosis, Fibromyalgia, etc.

Viruses usually attack nerves, causing chronic inflammation there and causing these usually unexplained symptoms. Viruses often hide in organs such as the liver or the heart where they can also trigger palpitations (heart rhythm disorders).


Preconditions for unfavorable developments

It is important to understand that Covid-19 alone very rarely causes severe symptoms. However, Covid-19 acts as a trigger for a viral load already present in the body. These are mostly EBV (Eppstein Barr viruses) and Shingles viruses of the Herpes family, which can often be much more aggressive and dangerous than Covid-19 and can also cause fatal symptoms. Most people have these viruses in their bodies for years until they suddenly become active. They can then also mutate in the body and become more aggressive.

There are mainly two symptoms that can be directly attributed to Covid-19: Chronic respiratory problems due to the viruses having damaged the lungs as well as continous high fever.

A further problem is the exposure to heavy metals (especially mercury) which we are all exposed to. Heavy metals are very harmful and weaken our immune system. The immune system of many people nowadays is weakened by various influences (refer to blog entry: "Why do so many people get sick nowadays?")

Viruses are living beings and need to feed in order to reproduce. They feed on heavy metals, adrenaline, dairy products, gluten, soy, corn, canola oil and especially eggs. Waste products of the viruses and their mortified remains are highly toxic and can also cause symptoms such as skin rashes.

Each person is different. There are four genotypes regarding the detoxification ability of the body. Two of these genotypes detoxify the body just about enough or insufficiently. Each person has different levels of exposure to different harmful substances.

A high-fat diet (lots of sausages, cold cuts, pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs, fat-containing processed food and high oil consumption) blocks the detoxification activity of the liver and thickens the blood plasma. As a result more toxins remain in the body and less oxygen is transported with the blood to important organs and the cells in the tissues. All of this severly weakens the immune system.


Reasons for severe symptoms

If an infection with Covid-19 occurs and the person in question harbors viruses of the herpes family in the body, they become active and cause the severe symptoms. People with preceding viral loads are also more susceptible to the coronavirus.

If a person also has a high heavy metal pollution, the viruses multiply rapidly and the symptoms are increased and intensified.

If a person has a large deposit of unfavorable foods in the body or consumes these foods after an infection then increased severe symptoms may occur.

If the person has an unfavorable genotype, the immune system of this person can only insufficiently fight the viruses and hence increased severe symptoms can occur.

The same applies to a high fat content in the body and a high fat consumption.

These coherences also apply to influenzas. The difference is that Covid-19 is a stronger trigger than flu viruses.



These viruses of the herpes family are the main cause of diseases such as MS, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Lupus, Borreliosis and other numerous health disorders. Carriers of these viruses would most likely experience the same symptoms without Covid-19, simply many years later.

It is important to realize that the common viral load was very serious even before Covid-19 and that we should all predominantly fight these viruses of the herpes family. Like this the coronavirus could automatically be slowed down.


How can we protect ourselves from Long Covid, but of course mainly from the viruses of the herpes family?

At this point I would like to reiterate that it is extremely helpful to avoid the foods that serve as a a nourishment base for the viruses in the case of an infection with Covid-19:

Eggs, dairy products, foods containing gluten, soy, corn and rape seed oil. Once consumed, these foods remain in the body for up to 13 days and serve as a nurishment base for the viruses.

In this case it is also advisable to drastically reduce fat consumption so that the liver can better detoxify and the blood can distribute oxygen to the important places in the body.

If the above symptoms occur, it seems obvious that there is a viral load with viruses of the Herpes family. If this is the case a successful fight against these viruses can NOT take place as long as the previously mentioned foods are consumed.

Important information in the fight against viruses can be found in my newsletters "Fighting viruses successfully and naturally part 2-5" (see blog on my website).

There are many fruits, vegetable types, herbs, wild plants and medicinal plants that reliably fight viruses. They are all outlined in the previously mentioned newsletters.



Nowadays all people are contaminated with heavy metals. As viruses (also Covid-19) feed on heavy metals, it is promising to drain these heavy metals from the body.

Important information about the drainage of heavy metals can be found in my newsletters "Solutions I-III" on the blog of my website.



Stress is known to be one of the most harmful health problems today. Stress, among many other harmful influences, causes a constantly high level of adrenaline in the body. Our body is not designed for this (almost as if a saber-toothed tiger were constantly chasing us) and this constant way too high level causes many health problems. Unfortunately viruses also like adrenaline and feed on it.

In order to successfully fight viruses it is also important to reduce stress. Finding an appealing work-life balance is crucial. It is about establishing more calm and quiet moments in life. Yes, sports and exercise are important, but very often they also bring stress and wear out the body.

I would like to emphasize:

"Find regular quiet and still moments in your life and do this ALONE."

There are very many ways to do this REGULARLY:

Quiet, slow and contemplative walks in "wild" nature (especially forest).

Quiet, relaxed and contemplative planting and harvesting of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs and wild plants.

Relaxed, contemplative painting, writing, making music, dancing, making pottery, carving, etc.

Quiet, relaxed and contemplative practice of yoga.

Learning and applying meditation techniques.

Learning and applying breathing techniques.



Movement meditation

"Swaying from side to side"

Stand in a wide stance and slowly and appreciatively sway from one leg to the other and back. Do this for at least 1 minute. This can also be done while sitting by the way.

You can do this calming exercise when you are impatient, stressed, after conflicts or in order to fall asleep better. It will quickly make you more peaceful, friendly and balanced. Through this exercise your brain produces endorphins, triggering helpful consolation memories.

(From "Alles Liebe” by Dr. med. Claudia Croos-Müller, Kösel Verlag)




At night, outdoors or from your window, look up at the starlit sky. If it is overcast imagine the stars, knowing that they are there. Do this until a familiarity arises. Now widen your gaze to the space beyond the stars – far beyond – where your soul is at home, in a land above the stars, a land without suffering, judgments, misunderstandings, hate and injustice. Say to yourself, "This is my home, this is where I belong, and that is where I will be again one day." Enjoy this moment for as long as you like.

Through this exercise you will feel more peaceful and relaxed, and you can experience a soothing sense of connection. This exercise can regenerate your soul. (From: "Mediale Medizin" by Anthony William, Arkana Publishing)



It is of great importance that we humans are confident, that we believe in the good and keep this belief in the good, do not let ourselves be dissuaded from it but stand up for the good and try to do good every day. Even if that means to "only" to look a person at the checkout in the supermarket in the eye, smile and wish them a good day.

With this in mind, I wish you a blessed and good life with many joyful moments.

Please forward this blog post and help to spread this thought.

Stay healthy and see you soon!

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