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Addendum - Menopause

Also important for men!

My last blog post on the subject of menopause provoked a lot of reactions. Of course it was not at all my intention to upset or even hurt anyone. However, in my opinion it is extremely important to conduct a dialogue dealing with this topic, because there are too many unanswered questions, uncertainties and inconsistencies. In this context I would like to propose to deal openly with new, different views, to review traditional opinions and then perhaps to open oneself up to a new point of view. I would like to add some additional aspects and points of view in order to smooth some waves and open the field for an approach to this topic that is as open and productive as possible.

Wouldn't it be just wonderful to be able to enter the ageing stage of life without life-distressing symptoms and gruelling medical treatments?

From my own experience, from my environment, and with all the knowledge I receive from professionals, I believe this is possible and relatively easy to achieve.


Who are my experts?

I rely mainly on Joachim Mutter, Dietrich Klinghardt, Anthony William and René Gräber. What they all have in common is that for many years they have been extremely successful in sustainably regenerating people with chronic, severe symptoms. They do this with natural treatments, detoxification cures, dietary changes and a calming of the mind. If you want to know more about these personalities, you will find many useful references under their names.


Additions to the last newsletter

  • There are more and more young women (between 18 and 40 years old) who show symptoms of menopause and these symptoms are becoming more and more aggressive. The menopause cannot be the primary cause, it is rather more due to the fact that the toxin loads are gaining strength and viruses have been getting more and more aggressive for about 40 years. As a result more and more young people (including men) are confronted with difficult symptoms.

  • Anthony William mentions that for 25 years he has been treating women who use HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and /or BHET (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) and achieve nothing at all, except that they age faster. Furthermore he is aware of hundreds of frustrated doctors who also describe the same thing.

  • The reason for this is that menopause is not the cause of the symptoms, so a wrong cause is treated.

Two reasons why many women do experience relief

  • Doctors often prescribe nutritional supplements and dietary recommendations at the same time. Supplementations and a healthier diet address the real causes (see last newsletter) and thus symptoms may flatten out.

  • The drugs used in hormone therapies have the effect of steroids and suppress the immune system. In doing so, the immune system's response to the true causes such as viral inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and contamination with toxins is suppressed and thus the patient experiences relief. But this prevents the immune system from fighting these true causes with all its might. When HRT came along and was increasingly used for about 40 years, this effect was probably the reason why so many women died from the increasing symptoms. At that time however, their causes of death - cancer, stroke, heart attack - were not attributed to these symptoms. Therefore I would like to float a suggestion if this has really improved nowadays?



At this time I would like to mention something briefly, as osteoporosis is repeatedly mentioned in connection with menopausal complaints in women.

  • Dr. Mutter explains: ''The main causes of this disease, which affects millions - and only occurs in peoples who consume unnatural foods - are dietary faults (too many carbohydrates as well as dairy and animal protein, lack of vital substances), lack of exercise and light, and the massively increased exposure of our bones to lead, tin, cadmium, mercury and other toxins.'' (Source: The book „Gesund statt chronisch krank”, 2009, Fit fürs Leben Verlag in der Natura Viva Verlags GmbH)

  • According to William, viral infections and high caffeine consumption add-on here. This development of osteoporosis, he says, begins much earlier and then manifests itself in old age.

I wonder very seriously how orthodox medicine can disregard these coherences, also that there are indigenous peoples who do not know about the consumption of dairy products and even do not have a term for osteoporosis in their language. The oestrogen deficiency during menopause is only an accidental circumstance occurring simultaneously with osteoporosis, but not its cause. This oestrogen deficiency during menopause is natural and the female body wants to protect itself through it and slow down the ageing process.


Some statements according to Dr. Joachim Mutter

(„Gesund statt chronisch krank”, 2009,

Fit fürs Leben Verlag in der Natura Viva Verlags GmbH)

  • Dr. Mutter points out that many women experience a resumption of monthly bleeding or a normalization of hormones through detoxification therapy, even if menopause had started early for them.

  • As a doctor he often noticed that ovarian cysts or fibroids disappear completely as a result of consistent detoxification. Furthermore he also points out that studies have shown that artificial hormones led to an increase in heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer.

  • Astonishingly, in wild animals (mammals - humans are biologically also mammals) menstruation, as well as discomfort from menopause are uncommon.

  • Prof. Ingrid Gerhard of the University Women's Clinic in Heidelberg did research on amalgam as a cause of women's diseases and recommended amalgam detoxification. After a change of management at the clinic, she was banned from doing either.

  • Clear links between mercury (amalgam is high in mercury), infertility (also in men) and miscarriages were proven. Correct detoxifications led to spontaneous pregnancies in many women.

  • It has also been shown several times that pesticides can increase the risk of cancer, as well as the risk of miscarriage, infertility (in women and men), autism, and neurodegenerative diseases (Parkinson's, Alzheimer's).

  • In 2005, the German medical journal (Ärzteblatt) stated that about 10,000 breast cancer cases per year may be caused by hormone administration.

  • We see the causes of increasing childlessness in the ever-increasing exposure to toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, plastic ingredients) and radiation (radioactivity and mobile phone radiation), as well as in a diet low in vital substances.


Conclusion & statements

My conclusions remain unchanged after my additional explanations. The most important conclusion for my statements relies on the point that representatives from integrative medicine such as Dr. J. Mutter and representatives from naturopathic medicine such as Anthony William have an exceptionally high and sustainable success rate in their treatments.

  • Menopausal symptoms do not really exist. The symptoms attributed by conventional medicine have other causes.

  • Natural hormone treatments can be quite successful and thus have their purpose. However, their possible effects over the long term are not clear and contain a residual risk. One of the according facts is that natural hormones do not treat the real causes of the symptoms.

  • In my eyes, a healthy, detoxifying and natural way of life is preferable to all other forms of treatment. This is successfully put into practise, thereby preventing many possible diseases and often avoiding the side effects of unnatural forms of treatment, which may nevertheless appear.

  • It is extremely important to realize that these so-called menopausal symptoms are precursors of serious diseases. This includes all autoimmune diseases, thyroid diseases, fibromyalgia, many cancers, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, etc.

  • The sooner you start detoxifying your body and living healthy, the less likely you are to experience unexplained symptoms. So you can confidently look forward to healthy ageing.

It has been and continues to be revealed that corporations lie to us by means of falsified studies and unfortunately they are able to instrumentalize politics for their interests time and again. Therefore, it is extremely important that we inform ourselves through independent sources and do not let our health by a victim of profits.


Knowledge is power! Through this knowledge we get the power to learn how to regenerate ourselves to the greatest extent. But this also increases our responsibility towards ourselves and towards other people. Let us take on this responsibility humanely, appreciatively and with dignity.

I would like to see more doctors practicing holistically, treating their patients as naturally as possible as well as taking into account the above-mentioned facts.

I would be very happy if these tips can give you new impulses, hope and the drive to tread new paths.

Stay healthy and see you soon!

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